Our Story



We are James and Natalie Mather, the co-founders of Sustain Furniture. James is an architect and Natalie is an interior designer.

We started the business during the pandemic and were awarded the lockdown start up business from eBay. We then went on to feature in a TV commercial which aired over Christmas 2020. Since selling the 18 tables we made in our back garden for our 2018 wedding the business has gone from strength to strength seeing us move from our garage, to a small shop and latterly a warehouse in Manchester. 

We are now well equipped to provide a number of services including bespoke furniture, kitchens and interior design. 

Quality, longevity, form and function are always kept in mind throughout all of our projects. Our aim is to create pieces of furniture that will be the centrepiece of our clients’ homes for many generations to come.

James and Natalie share their home in North London with their two boys, Caleb and Isaac and the workshop dog, Otis.