Jim is the workshop manager and finishing expert. With 25 years in French Polishing he is a very welcome addition to the team. Jim ensures that every piece of furniture leaving the doors is up to standard.


James is one of the co-founders of Sustain and manages the day to day running of the business. His architectural background and love of design and technology (which started in school) has influenced the designs that are produced by the talented team.


Kamin is a very experienced bench joiner who has great attention to detail. Having run his own joinery business in his home country he brings a wealth of knowledge to the business.


Natalie is one of the co-founders of Sustain and utilises her love of interior design to influence the overall look of Sustain. Natalie's passion for sustainability is demonstrated through the newsletters and blogs .


Marc is the workshop floor saviour. His impossible role is to keep the workshop tidy and to maintain the machines which he does with a brilliant sense of humour. Marc is a genius on the CNC machine and has his own small business so is with us part time.


Otis puts a smile on everyone's face when he visits the workshop. He is the most enthusiastic member of the Sustain team and is paid in tummy tickles and treats.


Erisa is the operations manager who helps James with the day to day logistics of running Sustain and always with a smile. She is also a whizz at websites so this one is all thanks to her hard work.


Jess is our newest team member who has taken on two separate roles within Sustain. After leaving the corporate world in pursuit of a creative career path, she is learning new skills in the workshop as our apprentice joiner, as well as bringing a wealth of knowledge to the office as our operations assistant.