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Celebrate World Sleep Day with Sustain

Celebrate World Sleep Day with Sustain

Happy World Sleep Day from all of us at Sustain! 💤🫶

Sleep is Essential for Health

The theme for this years World Sleep Day is "Sleep is Essential for Health".

So - how is your sleep? Could be better? Admittedly, mine could too.

This year is all about raising awareness on why sleep is so important for our health.

Below, I am going to share some information on why this is; the benefits of getting a full night's rest and what you can do to ensure you get a great night's sleep.

I am also going to tell you how we, at Sustain Furniture, can help create the perfect environment for you to get the best night's rest, and provide you with a handpicked selection of some of the products we offer to ensure your bedroom is the best it can be.

Why is Sleep so Important?

Getting a good night's rest is just as important as eating healthy and staying hydrated, and is a behaviour that is paramount to our physical, mental and social well-being.

This seems to often be overlooked as an important aspect of our health and is regularly thought of as optional; as something we can sacrifice when we have things to do or places to be, but in doing this, you may be reducing your quality of day to day life without even realising the affects it has.

Sleeping enables our body to recharge and maintain a state of wellbeing - but do you know exactly how sleep affects our health? 

  • It regulates energy levels, metabolism and appetite
  • It keeps the cardiovascular system healthy and enables our immune system to clear our bodies of any viruses or bacteria
  • Repairs the day's damage from things like stress, UV rays, and other harmful aspects of the environment
  • It can help you recover from illness and enhances cognitive functions
  • Promotes brain health by clearing waste from the brain and helps to support overall memory and learning capacity
  • Helps boost your mood, promotes emotional regulation and increases your overall energy levels
  • It's also thought that sleep can help reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease

Tips for a Better Sleep

If you're someone who struggles to fall or stay asleep, we've included a few simple tips below to help:

  • Set up a bedtime routine - what helps you feel most comfortable? Figure out what works best for you and try to stick to it!
  • Lighting - keep your bedroom at a comfortable temperature, low lighting or even having the lights off will ensure a better sleep. We offer a broad range of candles, holders and lanterns that are perfect for this - click here and have a look!
  • Minimise technology - try to reduce screen usage at least an hour or so before you sleep. Most phones nowadays have a blue light filter which can be utilised to keep your melatonin levels stable and ensure your sleep isn't disrupted.
  • Caffeine stays in your system for longer than you think! Try to avoid it for at least 4 hours before bed time, eating earlier too close to your sleep can also disrupt your rest.
  • Worry or stress keeping you up? Journaling can be a great way to reduce pre-sleep stress - writing down your thoughts and worries helps transfer the information out of your brain and onto a page and is a wonderful part of practicing mindfulness.
  • Ensure you get enough daylight, fresh air and body movement throughout the day. 

What Can Sustain Furniture do to Help?

The environment in which we sleep is arguably one of the most important parts of sleep hygiene and can have a massive effect on how your body is enabled to rest each night.

So, let me ask you a few questions...

1) Is your bed the right size?

2) What about your mattress - is it too soft, too firm?

3) Have you got enough cushions or blankets?

4) How about the lighting in your room - are you able to dim the lights, or have access to any low level lighting?

5) Is your bedroom visually appealing in order to maximise your levels of comfort before you wind down each night?

At Sustain, we want to ensure our customer's are as happy as possible. So, if you answered "No" to any of the above, we're here to help provide you with the perfect solution! 

I have handpicked some of my personal favourites from our wide range of bedroom furniture and accessories that I believe can help you create the perfect sleeping environment and ensure that this aspect of your health is the best it can possibly be. If anything piques your interest, simply click the product name for further information on our website!

Our floating platform beds are handmade with the utmost care from sustainably sourced character ash. Featuring unique in-built lighting and shelving, this bed has it all, and is built to last for years to come. With bespoke availability, you can customise it any way you like and create a one of a kind piece, specifically for you.
Our top-tier, premium mattress features hand side stitching, luxurious fillings such as wool, cotton and silk, as well as a variety of spring counts and sizes. These mattresses are great at providing comfort for everybody.
We have a wide range of mattresses starting from £155.00, so if you're looking for something more affordable, check out our entire collection available here.
Part of our recycled textiles range, our soft furnishings are handwoven from recycled materials - each item contains up to 300 plastic bottles which are used to make a yarn as soft as wool! This throw is available in 3 colours - featuring a gorgeous chic diamond pattern and finished with textured tassels. A herringbone ribbon is also attached for convenient storage.
What's better than matching furniture in your bedroom? This dressing table is a stunning match for our Jasmine Ash Bed and will ensure your bedroom is beautiful as well as consistent in style. Create the perfect area for your bedtime routine - a space where you can journal your thoughts, perform your skincare routine and start the process of winding down for the night.
With gloss opal blown glass shades, brushed brass hardware, and a gloss marble base, this table lamp creates a 'on-trend' mid-century impression.
The pillar candle is a classic and timeless style. With a modern twist design and a variety of colours, these candles are perfect for providing a soft light to your room and helping you relax.
These lanterns, available in different sizes, feature a gorgeous matte black colour as well as a nice curved glass to accommodate any candle you'd like - perfect to pair with our twist candles above.
If any of the above products take your interest, feel free to get in touch to place an order - first time customers get 5% off when signing up to our newsletter!
We have a range of extensive collections available, so if any of the products above don't take your fancy, feel free to have a browse on our website and find something more suited to you!
Thank you for taking the time to read this post.
We hope you celebrate today by getting a good night's rest (I certainly will!) and by implementing our sleep tips above to improve your health and wellbeing.
Happy World Sleep Day 🫶