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Protecting our Planet's Biodiversity with One Tribe

Protecting our Planet's Biodiversity with One Tribe

Working with One Tribe

Did you know that by 2050, most forests will have degraded past a recoverable tipping point? At Sustain, we believe it's everyone's responsibility to protect the remaining forests from deforestation to stop carbon neutrality from becoming an unreachable goal. We are proud to announce that we are now working with One Tribe to help protect our planet, as well as future generations, with every purchase made.

What Does One Tribe Do?

Working with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, One Tribe's mission is to become one of the world's largest protectors of forests and biodiversity by providing indigenous tribes and smallholders with funding for stewardship and the protection of their forests.

Why Rainforests?

Rainforests are the planet's lungs. Trees, and other plants, like all living things, are made up of carbon. When forests are cleared or burned, much of that carbon ends up in the atmosphere — similar to burning fossil fuels. This carbon changes the planet’s climate and contributes to rising temperatures, stronger storms, more severe droughts and rising sea levels.

Deforestation is a significant contributor of climate change - causing greenhouse gases. Studies indicate that tropical deforestation accounts for up to 15% of net global carbon emissions each year. That’s about the same as every car, truck, bus, plane, ship and train on the planet combined! Nearly 70,000 acres of tropical forest are lost every day - but if you prevent deforestation, all that carbon remains safely stored away in the forests. So by protecting forests, Rainforest Trust prevents deforestation, and by doing so, prevents emissions.

So, How Does it Work?

1. Purchase

When you purchase one of our products, One Tribe will make a donation on our behalf, meaning you automatically assist in saving rainforest.

2. Protect

All donations are certified by One Tribe and transferred to the conservation partners.

3. We All Reduce Co2

Funds are allocated to rainforest projects that help reduce and store Co2 from our atmosphere.

One Tribe connects us to rainforest protection projects and tracks the climate impact in real-time.

Climate Action Projects

One Tribe and their conservation partners focus on saving real acres of rainforest through land purchases and designations - each project has been identified as crucial to preservation, as well as for the protection of endangered species. 

A list of all the projects currently in development can be found here.

Climate Action Stats

To date, One Tribe and their partners have achieved the following:

  • 78,476,936 trees protected
  • 7,288,023 tonnes of carbon stored
  • 101,403 acres saved
  • 10,107,288 car emissions removed

This number is rapidly growing each day, and we are proud to help contribute to One Tribe's mission and values going forward - our live contribution statistics and further information on our collaboration with One Tribe can be found here.

How Can You Help?

Every purchase made through our website now helps save rainforest by protecting 5 trees and up to 100m2 of rainforest.

Not ready to make a purchase just yet? You can still make an impact for free by signing up to our newsletter - by subscribing, you can save 25 trees in the Amazon Rainforest from deforestation.

We could not be happier to be a part of this amazing project, to help enable us all in aiding the protection of our planet, and look forward to seeing the impact both Sustain and our customers will help us achieve.